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They Might
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Long Tall
Mink Car


Who are They Might Be Giants?

My favorite band! (Will write more here soon)

John Flansburgh

John Linnell

Who made this site?

Hello! I'm Loren. I have a personal site where you can probably get more complete idea of who I am, but here, I just want to talk about They Might Be Giants. They're my favorite band! When looking for fanlistings to join, I was surprised to see that there wasn't already one for TMBG, despite the fact that I run into fans IRL and online all the time. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to make my first fanlisting, so I signed up for a new web host that supports PHP, read a few tutorials, installed Enthusiast, and now... here we are!

My favorites (subject to frequent changes)

Songs: She's an Angel, Snowball in Hell, Spiraling Shape, Damn Good Times
Albums: Lincoln, Flood, Apollo 18, Mink Car, I Like Fun
Videos: Flood Promo, The Statue Got Me High, Puppet Head
Performances: Particle Man on TechTV, Don't Let's Start on MTV, premiere of Sapphire Bullets played backwards in New Haven, CT
Bonus favorite